Save the world,
make money

Green Bond funds a portfolio of sustainable projects, like innovative energy-saving technology and carbon-neutral property developments.

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Make a sustainable investment

Where you put your
money matters

You can build wealth without supporting harmful industries.


Invest directly in the change

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No high minimum

Traditionally, there’s a high minimum investment, so banks or other financial institutions buy bonds and sell them on to customers with fees attached.

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Invest directly

When you invest directly in the Green Bond, you can start with just EUR 100 so there’s no need to go via a bank or broker.

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7% interest per year

You’ll receive 7% interest per year. Bonds are paid back after 3 years, and you can trade part or all of your investment at any time: MIRIS may find a willing buyer on their Marketplace or choose to buy it back and re-list it.

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A Safe and Secure Organisation

Every investment has risk, but this is how we're protecting your money

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Secured payouts

Against real-estate and cash, meaning that even if the projects in which the Green Bond is invested as a whole don’t make a profit, you will still be paid out.

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Safe & registered

MIRIS green investments are compliant with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.


An expert team

MIRIS's team of innovators have deep industry experience. These individuals are backed by some of the world’s most notable investors and the standards they operate under are certified by reputable external evaluators.

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A Reliable, Transparent System

Track progress as it happens

MIRIS projects are tracked so you can see exactly where your money is going and the impact it’s making on the planet. There are also external auditors monitoring the sustainability of the project.

Have A voice

You get to vote

You get to make sure your money is invested in projects that make a difference

It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet.

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The types of projects that the Green Bond funds


Buildings and developments are currently responsible for...

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of total energy consumption
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of total CO2 emissions
take a look at one of the Green Bond projects

This all changes with MIRIS’s Svart, the world’s first energy-positive hotel concept in the Arctic Circle.

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Invest in the Green Bond

Green Bond on Aurora

We’re a tech startup, here to help you reduce your carbon footprint through our tools, our recommendations and through you – our community.

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Buy the Green Bond on MIRIS X

MIRIS X is a next-generation funding platform for capital intensive projects that are environmentally sustainable and profitable. You can use this platform to buy, track, manage and sell the Green Bond.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is MIRIS?

MIRIS is a Scandinavian real estate and technology company. Their vision is a world in which everyone lives and works in buildings that produce more energy than they use. To contribute to this vision, they’re issuing the Green Bond and managing the investment in sustainable projects. Visit the MIRIS website to read more.

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How do I know that projects are really sustainable?

MIRIS uses a strict Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on projects. This framework sets out that all funds will be used in ways that benefit the environment. It’s also verified by an independent third-party company called Cicero, Norway’s leading climate research body.

Learn more about project tracking.

Can I get my money out before the 3 years is up?

If you want to take out the money that you invested in the bond and the interest that it has earned at that point, you can sell it to someone else who is looking to buy the bond. If that’s the case, MIRIS will buy the bond from you and sell it to the new buyer. This process will take place on MIRIS X and is, therefore, only available to people who buy the bond on that investment platform.

Learn more about how trading on the MIRIS X platform works.

What does it mean that the bond is secured?

Security means that there are assets that can be sold to pay you back your money if the bond fails. In the case of the MIRIS Green Bond, the physical assets are the land that MIRIS has bought to build on, the construction materials, the buildings themselves and cash in their bank account. To make sure that MIRIS can’t sell more bonds than the assets they have, a ratio called Loan to Value (LTV) is used. For the Green Bond, there is an LTV of 75%, this means that MIRIS can only sell bonds for up to 75% of the value of their assets. An international 3rd party auditor will audit the assets and their values to make sure they’re never inflated above market value.

How do I get to track project progress as it happens?

MIRIS X monitors the supply chain of the whole project. This means that as funds from your investment are spent, the materials and building that they are spent on is tracked. You can even watch this happen in real-time - progress is tracked and updated on a live 4D model using software called Synchro Pro. It’s a fully transparent view on where your money is going and how it’s contributing to an asset that grows in value.

Learn more about how project tracking works.

What is a bond?

A bond is a way to participate in lending money to a company. When a company or government needs to raise funds, instead of borrowing from a bank, they can issue bonds. Many individual investors – and some companies – buy these bonds and together, this raises the money the company or government needed. This is also why there is often a very high minimum investment. If a company needs €100 million to build new factories, it might make the minimum investment €2 million. 

Bonds have set terms. There is a set interest rate, which will vary depending on the type of bond, and it’s often compounded, meaning you earn interest on your interest. There’s also a time frame in which the company must pay the initial investment money back to the investors who bought the bonds (this is called the principal) as well as the interest that was set out in the bond agreement (the extra money your investment made).