To invest in the world we want to see.

We’re a small team of passionate individuals that come from all over the world with a range of backgrounds, but share one purpose: we want to make sustainable investment easy & accessible to everyone.

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Building for the future

Now more than ever, people are realising that climate change will lead to disastrous human, economic and environmental consequences. Many are making small steps to try and mitigate their impact, but we have made it our purpose to lead the way in transparent sustainable investments.


We are committed to...


Funding sustainable projects

We want to help people put their money where it is going to make a positive impact. No greenwashing.


Using a system that is fully transparent

Projects are tracked to see exactly where the money is going and the impact it’s making on the planet.


Sticking to a Green Finance Framework

Aligned to international standards and accredited by experts, our framework keeps us honest.

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Distributed and remote

Remote work, isn't just great for productivity and getting the best global talent, but it also has a positive impact on the environment! We have embraced this modern way of working, leveraging technology and lowering our carbon footprint.


Team of innovators with deep industry experience

Jan Gunnar Mathisen
CEO and Founder

20 years experience as CEO of MIRIS AS, a Smart City developer. Pioneering the future of sustainable smart communities by enabling the intersection of sustainable property development and energy usage through our SPARK City concept.

John Campbell
Innovation Director

Spent the past decade focussing on disruptive financial services and managed to developed some cool new businesses and products. Most of the success came through good partnerships and banks with an appetite for innovation.

Julie Tretteteig

Experience from large well established companies and small businesses with high focus on product development and product launch. Experience in operative and strategic tasks.

Green Bond on Aurora

We’re a tech startup, here to help you reduce your carbon footprint through our tools, our recommendations and through you – our community.

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