At MIRIS we offer green finance solutions because we know that looking after the planet is as important to you as it is to us.

When you invest in a bond, you’re loaning your money to an organisation in return for fixed interest payments. Like when you take a mortgage out on a house and then

repay your loan with interest, except in this case, you’re the bank.

Once you’ve invested, most companies can use your money to finance anything – fossil fuels, mining, tobacco – and you usually can’t see what your money is helping

to build.

At MIRIS, your investments will only fund climate change research, sustainable projects and viable future solutions.

Introducing MIRIS

MIRIS is an independently audited Scandinavian technology, solutions and real estate company. We aim to create sustainable cities and communities, while offering affordable, clean energy solutions. Our mission is to transform the real estate industry so that it creates more energy than it consumes – because that’s what keeps us up at night.

At the same time, we help our investors make a positive environmental impact through their investments, while helping them to diversify their money across a number of investment opportunities. Our job is to decrease their investment risk by offering stable investment opportunities that will also make them money – because we know that that’s what keeps them up at night.

What is the MIRIS Green Bond?

Green bonds, like the kind that MIRIS offers, prioritise the environment first and foremost – there’s no profits-over-planet mentality here. We offer you the peace of mind that your money will be used to fund sustainable projects that closely align to your values and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The World Bank issued its first green bond in 2009. Since then more and more people are investing their money in this way. Rating agency Moody’s estimated that $250 billion worth of green bonds were issued around the world in 2019. And that number will surely continue to grow in the coming years, thanks to people like you, who realise that they can make their money work in truly uplifting ways without too much effort on their part.

How does the MIRIS Green Bond work?

You can invest from as little as €100 in the MIRIS Green Bond without going via middlemen or investment brokers. This means you’ll save on expensive bank charges and broker fees. Invest that money instead, we always say. And because there’s no high minimum investment amount, the MIRIS Green Bond is accessible to small investors and those who are just starting out and getting a feel of how they would like to invest their money.

Once you’ve invested, you can track the Green Bond’s 7% compound interest rate live through our custom-created MIRIS X platform. Here you can watch your money grow day by day – as you earn interest on the interest you have already earned.

To protect our money, we have secured them against our capital, real estate and assets. The Green Bond's loan to value (LTV) ratio is 75%. This means that we can only sell the bond to the value of 75% of all our independently audited asset wealth. In other words, in the very unlikely eventuality that the Green Bond doesn’t profit by its maturity date, investors’ money can be paid back by selling these assets.

What is the the MIRIS Green Finance Framework?

The MIRIS Green Finance Framework is our way of being transparent and accountable to you, our investors. It tracks and reports on how funds are allocated across our various sustainable projects, via our custom-designed MIRIS X platform. In this way, our investors can, at any time, see how their money is positively impacting the planet. Our framework has also been graded by CICERO – the Oslo-based Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research – to avoid any doubts of greenwashing because we know that some green projects are just all talk.

Svart: The world’s first energy positive hotel

We want to do more than just dream. Introducing our flagship project, Svart. It will be the world’s first energy positive hotel. We’ve chosen an iconic location – at the foot of the Svartisen Glacier in one of Norway’s largest national parks. Our aim is to maintain the delicate natural balance within this spectacular landscape, just north of the Arctic Circle.

Svart will be built according to the Powerhouse Standard of construction and operation. It will set the global standard for sustainable hotel design. Within five years of its construction, the hotel will be completely off the grid and will maintain sustainable water management and waste systems.

Svart will use a groundbreaking 85% less energy per year than other modern hotels. At the same time, it will produce 60% more renewable energy than it will consume over its expected 60-year life span. This includes the energy that’s required to produce and transport its building materials, construct the hotel and get it fully operational. When the time comes to demolish the building, it will ensure that minimal environmental traces are left behind.

This is just one of many ways that MIRIS believes we can help to leapfrog the real estate industry. We want to help build sustainable cities and an environmentally conscious future. Simply put, at MIRIS, we strongly believe that it’s not an investment, if it’s destroying the planet. And we hope that you’ll agree.