Where you invest your money really matters. That’s why we created the MIRIS X platform that allows you to support projects that have sustainability in mind.

And because individuals can invest their money directly, without any brokers, we’ve made the platform easy to navigate and as user friendly as possible. We believe investing shouldn’t be complicated. In this way, we hope to make investing much more accessible, especially to first-time investors.

Here’s how to register on the MIRIS X Platform and invest in the Green Bond.

1. How to register on the MIRIS X platform

It’s really easy to register as an individual investor or as an account manager (broker) by either using your email address or your unique Bank ID, if you live in Scandinavia. Your Bank ID is an online citizen identification solution that works like a social sign in. It fast tracks your registration as your identity is already verified in a secure manner. Otherwise, you’ll have to verify your details via secure two-factor authentication – basically a process that makes sure you’re you in two different places so that if someone has gotten your password, they can’t transact.

You’ll also have the option to choose to register as a company if you’re the owner or the signatory.

You can also enter a referral code, if you’ve been sent one, which will pre-load your account with some money.

2. How to navigate the MIRIS X platform

The homepage of the MIRIS X platform is simple to navigate and user friendly. The dashboard includes a left-hand side menu bar. It consists of the following tabs: Invest and My funds.

Invest: This is where investors can choose the Green Bond or green projects they would like to invest in.

My funds: Here, investors can add funds to their account and convert part, or all, of their investment amount into a MIRIS X asset.

3. How to add funds to your account on the MIRIS X platform

There are two easy ways to add funds to your MIRIS X account. Navigate to the ‘my funds’ tab in the left-hand side menu on the dashboard. You can add funds with your credit card or through an EFT (electronic funds transfer). Current accepted currencies include the euro and Norwegian krone.

4. How to invest in a Green Bond on the MIRIS X platform

Navigate to the ‘invest’ tab in the left-hand side menu on the dashboard. This will open an overview of all the MIRIS projects. Here you can read more about each project – its goals, the amount of funds required, how funds will be utilised, the investment timeline (when the investment begins and ends), and any other useful information. It’s important to familiarise yourself with your chosen project by reading the attached supporting documents, reports as well as the terms and conditions of the bond agreement, which you have agreed to.

Visual elements, in the form of graphs and pie charts, illustrate expected interest earnings on any investment amount and at any time during the investment period.  

Once you’ve invested in a project you can also follow its progress and read real-time budget reports.

You can also view your ‘transaction history’ which offers a timeline of your investments.

5. How do I withdraw my funds from the MIRIS X platform?

In order to withdraw your funds from the MIRIS X platform, you need to add the details of the bank account that you would like to transfer the funds into. The bank account will be verified against your identity, if you don’t have a Bank ID. This will be done through a proof of account document that you can upload to your profile. Once this is verified, you can transfer the funds into your bank account in one of two currencies – euro and Norwegian krone. The funds will appear in your account the following day.

If you need a step-by-step guide with more detail, we have one here.