The short answer is no.

Here’s a little more about who we are, what we do, and how your investments (no matter how small) can support long-term sustainability and protect the environment, while earning you interest at the same time.

“MIRIS is a real estate development company that drives environmental sustainability with a key focus on how renewable energy can be used in commercial buildings,” explains John Campbell, Venture Build Lead at MIRIS.

In a word, our strategy is sustainability. That’s what drives our core business activities and everything else we do. And if we can help you earn money while investing in our projects, that makes it even more worthwhile.

We’re headquartered in Oslo and registered on Norway’s Central Securities Depository to sell bonds and other green financial solutions. So, you can rest assured that all MIRIS transactions are supervised by Norwegian financial regulations.

MIRIS uses cutting-edge technology, ethical building practices and innovative investment models to develop energy-positive real estate projects. Our mission is for the real estate sector to produce more renewable energy than it consumes – and we want this to become the global future standard because we believe it’s what matters.

That’s why we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our real estate projects and services in an ethical manner from the design to the end-of-life of a building. We hold ourselves accountable through our CICERO graded Green Finance Framework. Our custom-created MIRIS X platform offers transparency as to how investments are used to fund various projects. There’s even a real-time funding breakdown and a tracking feature, so that you’re always in the know.

Better yet, our vision is for a sustainable future that can be built by all – not just those who can afford to do so.

“We've noticed a growing number of individuals who want to invest and manage their portfolios directly in an environmentally sustainable project as opposed to a fund, index or a stock exchange. Because it makes more sense to people,” John continues.

You can invest in the MIRIS Green Bond – and any of our other ethical financing solutions – directly through our MIRIS X platform. This means that there are no expensive broker fees or hidden bank charges. You can invest from as little as €100 and start earning interest immediately – 7% per year, compounded monthly. Because there are no high minimum investment amounts, our green bonds are also more accessible to a wide range of potential investors, from those who are just starting out to those who only want to invest a certain amount.