In line with their vision of a world in which everyone lives and works in buildings that produce more energy than they use, MIRIS has invested in building Svart, the world’s first energy-positive hotel.

Its name comes from the breath-taking location: the foot of the Svartisen glacier, north of the Arctic Circle. The 100-room hotel, designed by the Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta, will also have an onsite education and design lab, as well as a sustainable farm producing ingredients for the hotel’s four restaurants.

What does energy positive mean?

Apart from being beautiful, Svart is the first building to be designed and built according to the highest energy efficiency standards in the northern hemisphere. It will also use as many local materials as possible to minimise its carbon footprint.

Solar panels will cover the energy needed to construct the building, and once built, the hotel and all adjacent services, like the farm and the boat shuttles. Within five years of construction, the plan is for Svart to be completely off the grid, not only in terms of power but also waste management.

What’s next?

The goal is to develop scalable technology that will apply to other buildings as well, to support a further reduction in energy consumption.

Find out more about Svart on their website, and MIRIS on theirs.